Friday, February 13, 2015

Our Little Linus

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C has never really been a big cuddle baby, and isn't too fond of stuffed animals or cuddly things,

But in the past few of months he has become VERY attached to his blanket.

He needs it first thing in the morning, for naps, first things when he gets home, and for bedtime of course. He needs it anytime he's upset, and gets really made if it's out of reach even if he doesn't need it at that point.

A couple months ago he was sick and got some vomit on his blanket. So, given this attachment and the fact he was sick (and therefore exceptionally needy), you can imagine how big of an issue it was that it had to be in the washer AND dryer for practically two hours!

We tried distracting him with toys, games, going for a walk. Everything. We tried every other blanket in the house (we've amassed quite a collection since E was born). Nothing would work. He was like a crazy, possessed, Chucky Doll. I'm pretty sure his head floated up and turned 360 degrees.

So, in order to make sure that never happens again, I bought a back-up blanket for the house, and we have another at daycare. Now he carries it slung over his shoulder.

He's our literal little Linus...