Saturday, February 7, 2015

16 Months

The last time I did an update about Carter was at a year - 4 months ago! Yup, time really does fly.

He is certainly growing and changing fast!

- He's been walking for months, and often runs places (and most definitely away from us, especially when we want him to get dressed!).

- Though he hasn't said a proper word yet, he is excellent at communicating with us and the daycare staff. He knows the signs for "more" and "all done" (the MOST important signs when your life revolves around eating ;)). When he signs "more" he also says "mo". He has sounds for all kinds of things that are oh-so-close to the real world - like Gigi (hard-G sounds) for kitty, and pulls out "mama" and "dada" in context, but not all the time. When he's hungry, he goes over to his booster seat and points at it until we put him in and put food in front of him.

- He's really great at understanding what we say. He can follow complicated instructions with no problems. If I ask if he's ready for bed or bath, he'll "pack up" and start going upstairs.

- He's still no the greatest sleeper and wakes up a couple (or more) times at night. Sometimes it's just to find his soother, other times he wants one of us to take him into the guest room (and we know he won't take anything less if he has his soother in his mouth, blanket over his shoulder, and reaching out to us while standing up). He's doing a lot better in this area since we started being consistent with a bed-time routine.

- He's a big DANCER and loves music! He has some serious moves, which is the cutest thing. Music always seems to calm him down, which is a nice tool to have on hand ;)

- He loves to rough-house with Evan and DH, and  he's a big laugher.

- Like in every other post I've written about Carter, my favourite thing is watching him and Evan together. Their relationship is getting more fun and more violent at the same time. Brothers are good fun ;)