Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Leaps in Maturity

Evan has changed a lot in the past two months. I've  gone from being worried about him starting kindergarten in September to knowing he's ready.

- He's taking an interest in different things like books and reading, writing, and gardening.

- He gets excited when there are other kids at the park or playground to play with. Before, he would just say things like "I don't want that guy", " that's MY swing", or "I just want you to play with me, mom". It's nice to see that he wants to play with other kids that he doesn't even know.

- He's branching out with friends at daycare. He's had a best friend for a couple years now. Yes, they still play mostly together, but he's playing more and more with other kids, and doesn't rely on his BF to do things with him all the time.

- He is willing and able to learn table manners. He knows he has to try at least one bite of each thing on his plate. He knows he has to use a full sentence to ask for things ("may I have milk, please?" instead of "MILK! MILK!!!!!!!!!!"). He knows he has to ask to be excused from the table. He knows the TV has to be off during dinner (and in fact is the TV police lately! If it's on, he'll say it needs to be off). No, he doesn't do these things perfectly or all the time, but it's a start.

- He is taking much more interest in Carter and including him in his play and in "the family"...and he's actually happy about it (sometimes!). The other day, after bath time, they were both crawling/running around naked and they were having the time of their lives.

- He's not getting as scared during TV shows or movies. Last week, we went to see the Planes movies with his BF, and BF started to get scared. Evan just told him "it's okay, BF" and went back to watching the movie. That being said, he is showing more empathy for characters. Like last night, we watched Land Before Time, and he was so sad when the mommy died and even when the "bad" TRex died at the end (BTW: what's with animated movies and DEATH??!).

- He doesn't get nearly as worked up when things go wrong. For example, he and DH built a lego dinosaur the other day, and it fell over and broke. Instead of crying and having a TT, he looks at it and says "hmm..looks like we have to build him again."

Obviously these things aren't perfect all the time, but we're certainly seeing leaps in his maturity lately. He doesn't seem like a toddler in the least anymore - he's definitely in the little kid zone.