Friday, August 8, 2014

10 Months

10 months have come and gone since Carter was born! What has he been up to for the past month?

- He has his two front lower teeth! He didn't do well with the teething, but we think he also had a cold at the same time (unless the coughing, sneezing, and tons of mucus had to do with teething). Hopefully the next teeth will go more smoothly.

- I got to witness him figuring out how to make a new sound. He was doing his regular babbling "gah, yah, dah..." then he stopped. He started working his lips. Putting them together and silently moving air. Then, after a few times he did this..."BAH". Then, "Bah, bah, BAH!!!!". New sound :D

- I put him down for nap by lying down with him in the guest bed. He bounces around, plays, and giggles, until at one point he just flops down (either on his face or back) and immediately falls asleep!

- He likes to play simon says. He especially loves it if I'm the one copying him!

- He loves to clap, and seems to do it when we should be giving him praise! LOL!

- He waved goodbye for the first time yesterday!

- He does this super cute thing where he plays "coy" - puts his ear to his shoulder and looks at me like "aren't I cute, mom?".

- He loves to play chase! If he starts crawling away from me, he'll stop and look back at me. Then I'll say "I'm going to get you!" and he starts crawling away as fast as possible while giggling. Then, I fake trying to catch him and he goes faster and faster, still giggling. He thinks it's so hilarious when I catch him.

- He loves to cause trouble. When we tell him "no", he just giggles and continues doing it.

On "Carter Island" - where he goes when causing trouble at the dinner table!

- He has no qualms crawling away from me into other rooms, even at places he's not familiar with (like the Children's Museum).

- We went on our first vacation as a family of four! We rented a cottage and had a blast!

They really do grow up so quickly!