Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3 (5 Months Late)

**Writing this now even though it's late, so I can include it in Evan's 3-year book**

Dear Evan,

You turned 3 years old a mere 11 days after Carter was born and 5 days after mommy had her stroke. Needless to say, it probably wasn't the best birthday. But, instead of being upset or wanting all eyes on you, you rolled with the punches. You played with whoever was able, and didn't let things bother you too much. Your visits to the hospital made things bearable for mom. Nothing like an "Evan hug" to cheer someone up!

Fig. 1: Visiting mommy in the hospital (and watching cartoons on her very expensive TV).

We were able to celebrate your birthday a week after your birthday. You were so excited to get your "very own kitchen set" (as you liked to call it for months after!), and you really enjoyed getting your first board game (Hungry Hungry Hippos)! You weren't a fan of the family singing "Happy Birthday" to you (just like mommy - it always made her cry too!) -- so, to make yourself feel better, you started singing it to mommy instead (even though her birthday wasn't anytime soon!). We had cheesecake for your cake and you thought it was pretty good!

Fig. 2: Mmm...cheesecake!

In the last year, you changed from a toddler to a little boy. It's so fun to watch you play, either by yourself or with other kids at daycare (or even with us). You come up with the most interesting scenarios and stories when you play with your cars and toys. It's so cool that you have "best friends" at daycare, and it's clear who they are. We can already see you're a very loyal and loving friend.

We think you'll make a great lawyer because you love to negotiate, make deals, and find loopholes. You also call others out when they're not following the rules. You have very strong opinions about what you do (and mostly don't!) like, but you love to tell jokes and make people laugh!

You have lost any remaining baby "fat" and are lean, strong, and athletic. You love to run, jump, skip, dance, and rough-house (usually with daddy). You're so active that it's hard for us to keep up, but it's good for us to try!

We love you more than you know, Evan, our "potamus" (a nickname you'll never get rid of!).

Fig. 3: Looking far too "boy" for our liking sometimes!