Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Six weeks with Carter

Today, Carter had his last check-up with the midwife. He is six weeks old now. He was born at 8lbs 12oz, 51cm long, and a head circumference of 35.5cm. At 6 weeks, his is 12lbs (80th percentile), 61.5cm long (95th percentile), and a head circumference of 40cm. He's growing ver well, and is bigger than Evan was at the same age -- and we thought Evan was a big baby!

He's doing so well! Eating like a champ, but not  breastfeeding (due to hopefully obvious reasons - I figure having a stroke and brain surgery is reason enough). Look, I'm already in mom-guilt world! It's too bad, since things in that regard started off really well this tim around, but what can you do? I think we made the right decision in the end, considering the circumstances. He'll still grow up to be a strong and smart boy, I'm sure!
Here are some of the first "milestones" he's reached:
- making eye contact
- tracking objects with his eyes
- moving his head toward sounds
- starting to "cool"
- we've even seen a few smiles (not just due to gas)
- he had good head control so far
- hates tummy time and baths, just like his brother :)
- Loves his swing!