Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Almost Missing Out

Today I was chatting with a colleague about my upcoming maternity leave, and she kept saying how excited I must be to meet the new baby, and how amazing it will be to watch the relationship between Evan and him grow.

And, sadly, I couldn't say that I have been thinking about it all that much. 

I don't know if it's just part of the second-child syndrome, but this time around I've been so distracted by Evan, things at work, life in general, and focusing on the negative aspects of having a second, that I just haven't become excited about the impending arrival.

And now, here I am, at 33 weeks along, and I feel like I've let myself miss out on the positive emotions that comes along with expecting. It's even more disappointing because this (assuming all goes well in the next 7ish weeks) will be my last pregnancy. I won't get to experience this again.

I've been telling myself that I'll have time to decompress after I stop working (Sept. 13th is my last day), and then I'll become more enthusiastic about things. But, now, that seems a bit ridiculous. It might seem "too little too late", but I'm going to try my best to stop worrying about work and other things so much, and focus more on the little life growing in my belly, who we'll be meeting in just a few short weeks. Yes, he'll be turning our lives upside down, but it will be in a good way.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

NFL Pool

Anyone interested in doing an NFL pool this year? Email me this week at mrscomethunter "at" rogers.com if you're interested (so I can have a contact email), and we'll see if we can get enough people. 

Season opener is Sept. 5th, and we'd use Yahoo Pro Football Pick'em.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jelly Bean's Room

Last weekend, we finally put the finishing touches on Jelly Bean's room.

We decided to make the guest room into JB's room (and we combined the office and guest room). It took me much longer this time to decide on colours and such - mostly because I didn't want it to be too similar to Evan's room. There's no theme, really, but I think it came together nicely.

Fig. 1: Guest room before.

Fig. 2: JB's room after. I decided on a very neutral beige colour for the walls, with dark espresso wood furniture and then pops of navy and bright blue as accents.

Fig. 3: The tree decal that I bought off eBay - I'm a big fan :) Also pictured, the photo that made me feel like a real artist - now coloured with crayon and plaque-mounted.

Fig. 4: One last view - sorry about the blurring-out, but that's his name and we don't want to reveal it until he's born!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sweetheart to Ruthless Hunter in 3 Days

I've had my cat, Isaac, for 11 years now. He's been an indoor cat for all that time. But, this past summer, he's decided he wants to spread his wings and roam free. 

He goes in and out generally as he pleases, but we do make sure he's inside at night. He used to just hangout in the backyard, but now roams the neighbourhood. I know I shouldn't let him do that, but 1) have you tried telling a cat where they can and cannot go?, 2) there are other cats around here that do the same thing, and 3) he's 11 - I feel like he's earned the right to put himself in danger of getting caught in a garage, getting stuck in the rain, or chased by neighbours with axes.

He's been having a good time with it all, I think. He has a swagger to him that he didn't before - like he's saying "I'm a real cat now, biotches!!"

But, something changed in the last 3 days. He's brought home 4 dead mice and left them on our deck. And, by the pile of feathers we found in the backyard, we're pretty sure he at least attempted to kill a bird. I get that cats like to bring their owners...umm..."gifts"...but it's pretty nasty. 

My sweet little cuddle cat has turned into a ruthless killing machine! I'm a little scared he might slice my neck open in my sleep. 

Good thing we still have our other cat who's so lazy she can't even be bothered to lick her butt, and has absolutely no interest in going outside.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back-to-School Nightmares

It's been 4 years since I finished my PhD, and 8 years since I took classes, but every August (and around exam times) I always have school-related nightmares. 

Last night, I was dreaming about taking a calculus exam. But, I had to take it while on a train, getting a tour of some sort of earthquake/flood disaster area, all while attending a family reunion. I kept getting distracted and couldn't finish the exam - meaning I failed the course.

Other reoccurring themes are forgetting I signed up for a class but then having to take the final exam and failing miserably, and forgetting about the final exam so I fail the class.

Do you have back-to-school dreams?

Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Work Weeks to Go

I plan on my last day of work being September 13th, which leaves me with five more work weeks. My due date isn't until mid-October, but with what happened with Evan, the hope is to get to at least my  last day of work and - even better - have a couple weeks at home before baby #2 arrives.

Though (I think) I'm dealing better with the pregnancy this time around, I'm starting to get into the overly-uncomfortable, extremely irritable phase, which isn't making things easier to deal with at work or home. 

I'm finding work a bit stressful right now, trying to figure out what all needs to get done before I leave and what I need to prepare for the person who will take over for me while on maternity leave. All the "you're SO big" comments, having to be in real clothes, and having to sit in an office chair all day does not help the situation.

Home life has become more stressful lately too, mostly because Evan is apparently going into the "atomic temper tantrum" phase. I thought he was already having bad tantrums, but - oh boy - was I wrong. We're now experiencing the epic screaming fits in public places and the totally random crying breakdowns about the most inane things (DH didn't put his puppy in the right place on the couch! I didn't stir his cereal right! He wanted to turn the fan off -- NO, he wanted YOU to turn the fan off!). I think we're pretty good at dealing with it all, but sometimes it's all I can do to not scream and run away. 

With work and home being stressful, I'm finding it a bit hard to feel positively about the impending arrival of baby #2. All I keep thinking is "we're going to have TWO of these? WTF did we do and how are we going to survive?". I'd like to be more excited about it, but all I can think of are the negative things.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Link Round Up 08/10/13

Some good reads from this past week:

Biochembelle wrote a great post about gender inequality

Amanda Palmer's response to the Daily Mail's article about her wardrobe malfunction during a concert

L. Maren Wood writes about the afternoon she decided to leave academia on the PhD Placement Project blog

Starting your work day by checking email might not be the best use of your time

Mars Curiosity celebrated one year on the red planet earlier this week

The Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fit for Kids

I'm definitely starting to feel my fitness abilities becoming limited by my pregnancy. It's tougher this time because Evan wants me to run around with him a lot, and I just can't keep up anymore. He's getting faster, and I'm...well...not. 

I think my fitness level this pregnancy is better than it was with Evan. Having an amost-3-year-old helps, but so does the prenatal yoga classes I'm taking, and generally just being more active at work. 

That being said, I'm starting to get excited about having my body back after Jelly Bean arrives. I hope it won't take long to get back to my exercise routine I had before I got PG: I was in love with the Jillian Michaels workouts I was doing, and was just starting to get into a couch-2-5K plan and biking. I'm also thinking about taking swimming lessons to get some tips to improve in that area so I can do that more.

My motivation to get fit has evolved over the years --- now, it will be mainly to keep up with two boys, who will just keep getting bigger, faster, and stronger.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

8 Years

Today marks eight years of moving to London - crazy! It sure doesn't feel that long but, when looking back on all that has happened here, I guess it makes sense!

- September 2005: Started PhD
- April 2006: Started astronomy outreach program
- July 2006: Started dating DH
- October 2007: Got engaged
- January 2008: DH finished his PhD and started post-doc
- September 2008: Got married
- September 2008: Started this blog as Mrs. Comet Hunter
- March 2009: I turn 30
- June 2009: I finished my PhD
- August 2009: Trip to Brazil and Peru
- August 2009: Started blogging under my own name
- September 2009: I stayed on with PhD supervisor as post-doc until December 2009
- October 2009: DH got full-time Research Scientist position
- October 2009: DH bought first car ever
- October 2009: Found out I was PG for the first time
- December 2009: Had miscarriage #1
- January 2010: Started post-doc, studying earthquakes
- February 2010: We bought a house
- March 2010: Found out I was PG again
- October 2010: Evan is born 5 weeks early
- February 2011: DH turns 30
- June 2011: Started my new job as outreach coordinator
- October 2012: Found out I was PG
- December 2012: Had miscarriage #2
- January 2013: Joined Awesome London
- February 2013: Found out I was PG again

I'm sure I missed a ton of stuff, but no wonder the past 8 years have flown by. 

When DH and I were first married, we were dying to move out of this city. But, after looking at other options, we decided to stay, and I'm glad we did. It's home for us now, and we're happy to be bringing up our two boys here.