Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

Not sure what it is about the summer - I guess from being cooped up inside for months on end in the winter, and dreaming of having warm enough weather to do stuff -  but there are always tons of things I want to make sure we do. Inspired by MJ's post at her blog, Living the Dream, here is our family bucket list for this summer (we did one a couple years ago too):

- Plant a garden
- Get deck built
- Furniture, planters, and flowers for deck
- Paint and decorate Jelly Bean's room
- Thomas the Train event
- Vacation at a lake with the ILs
- Swimming at the local pool
- Pick strawberries
- Chalk-board wall in kitchen (again, inspired by MJ's post)
- Garage sale
- Beach visits
- Visit 5 new playgrounds
- Farmer's market
- Local festivals
- Fly a kite
- Go for bike rides
- Finish knitting Jelly Bean's blanket

What are your must-do's or hope-to-do's this summer?