Thursday, March 28, 2013

Serious Talks

Many serious subjects have come up recently to make me think about when and how to start talking to Evan about certain things. From Moxie's letter to her sons about preventing rape, to Prof-Like Substance's unexpected conversation about religion with his oldest child, to finding out a 15-time repeat child sexual offender is now living in my city - my head is reeling just thinking about all the things we need to start talking to Evan about.

But, he's also only 2.5. It's fairly difficult to hold a lasting conversation with him.

But, I want him to learn certain things from us first.

When did you start talking to your kids about "serious" topics, or when did your parents talk to you about these things? How did you/they go about it? I know it's not going to be a sit-down, 30 minute discussion, but I don't want to totally ignore these topics either.

It's these kinds of things I wish I had a manual for.