Sunday, December 2, 2012

Embrace the Cold

This winter, I really want our family to embrace the season instead of hiding out and waiting for it to pass. After all, it does last about 4-5 months out of the year - we shouldn't be wasting that time!

One thing we need to do is make sure we're all prepared to spend time outside. We have everything Evan could ever need - two different winter jackets, splash pants, full-on snow pants, snow boots, and a variety of hats and mitts - but not so much for ourselves. 

Last year, I invested in a decent pair of snow boots (and actually never wore them because it was unseasonably warm last year and we barely got any snow!), but I definitely need another layer for my legs (not sure if to do under- or outer-wear) and a good pair of heavy ski-type gloves. DH also needs some winter clothing.

So, any tips on what we need to stay warm out there? Any secrets (besides a thermos full of coffee and Bailey's)?

Our first winter outing: feeding the ducks by the river.