Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Goals Recap

Another year is coming to a close. So, here's a final check-in with how I did on my 2012 goals:

1. 20 books + review
I missed the mark on this one and only finished 15 books - and just under the wire too (I finished book 15 this morning). To see the list and reviews (review of last book to come in the new year), check out my books page.

2. Finish afghan
Didn't do well on this one either. I have a total of four completed sections out of eight. So, at this rate, it will take another two years to finish it.

3. Re-evaluate financial portfolio
We did well on this one. We moved some smaller investments into RRSPs, increased our mortgage payment and opened an RESP for Evan. We were able keep our "rainy day fund" at a very comfortable level even though we did a few projects around the house and traveled out west in the summer. We've decided we'll re-evaluate our portfolio and budget every January.

4. Be more thankful, stop complaining
Hard to measure this one - I do think I complain less (though DH might disagree), but that might be for lack of time than anything else. I certainly didn't do anything proactive about it.

5. Work on "big plan"
There are a couple of "plans" that are running around in my head, but nothing concrete yet. I have been updating notes and ideas on both throughout the year, but they will be years in the making - if they don't fall off the radar completely. 

6. Try two new recipes per month, and take a baking or cooking class
I tried 19 new recipes this year and took a cake decorating class. Not too bad, but didn't reach the initial goal.

7. Incorporate strength training
As usual, exercise was on and off this year. I started the year with doing 10 push-ups a day. By March it fizzled out, so I started a daily weight circuit, which I kept up for a couple months. In September I got some new exercises for my back, and in October I started Gillian's 30-day shred, a yoga DVD, and the couch-2-5K play - all of which died when I got pregnant.

8. Monthly date nights
We ended up doing a date night about every two months which, honestly, worked pretty well for us. Anything spaced closer than that seemed right on top of each other!

9. Be more assertive/take-charge at work
Another hard one to measure, but I think I did well with this one. I'm being more straight forward, asking for what I want/need, and have tried to stop worrying about if others at work "like" me.

10. Keep up with deep cleaning
Did pretty well on this - at least to our standards. We're thinking of getting a steam cleaner so we can stay ahead on that one a bit more. I'm also going to put a cleaning schedule together for next year.

11. Fix up front patio and do landscaping in front yard
This was done! We also got to a couple other projects, like the roof, fence, and fireplace.

12. Less TV and internet
Nope, but I'm okay with this. I've come to the realization that these are things I enjoy doing to unwind, and it's not the end of the world. I enjoy keeping up with Facebook and my blogs, and I began to use Twitter - which has actually streamlined a lot of my web surfing. I plan on starting to use Pinterest to organize some of my ideas/to-dos. With TV, I generally only watch shows I want, but need to try and stick to that rule a little better.

Overall I think I did okay on my 2012 goals. Some were harder than others - either to do or to measure - but having the list at least brought them to the front of my mind. I made some attempt at all of them, and some will continue into next year even if they're not on my goals list.