Thursday, November 15, 2012

Parade Preparedness Fail

Last weekend we took Evan to the annual Santa Claus parade (yes, on the 10th of November - crazy, right?). As we sat our butts on the cold cement and looked around at the other families with their blankets, chairs, thermoses filled with hot chocolate, games (for the hour long wait before the parade started), and even full-size pizzas, we realized we were grossly under-prepared. 

As we walked back to the car, stiff from sitting in the cold on even colder cement, we swore we would write a list of what we needed to do/bring next year to make the parade a bit more enjoyable. 

- At least two blankets - one to sit on, another to cover us up
- A hot beverage, perhaps with an added "bonus" for the adults
- Snacks - pizza's a bit extreme, but having some granola bars on hand couldn't hurt
- Diversions for Evan - we can't escape the need to get to the parade early in order to get a good spot. We should bring something to occupy him besides running around like a madman across the road and back.
- Wearing extra layers of clothing and bringing extra gloves/hats/scarves - even though the weather seems warm, sitting still for 2-3 hours means being colder than one would think!

Any other tips?

Regardless, we still had a great time at the parade this year! Evan wore himself out running around for the first hour that he sat nice and still during the parade. We particularly enjoyed the steel drum band and Santa of course!