Monday, October 1, 2012

Show & Tell

I saw this meme over at Livin' the Dream, and thought - since I've been low on blog fodder lately - I'd go ahead with it.

1.  tell us about your five favourite memories in your life.

In no particular order:
- Our wedding day. Specifically being outside the hall in the lobby, chatting with DH, with music and laughter flooding through the doors.
- The day we took possession of our house. I remember walking through the front door with so much excitement and nervousness!
- One family Thanksgiving dinner where 8 of us went through 10 bottles of wine.
- Evan: so many, it's hard to choose one. One of my recent favorites: having a leaf fight at a nearby park. I could listen to him laugh all day.
- On our trip to South America in 2009, jumping off a sail boat and swimming in the warm tropical waters near Rio.

2.  show us three of your favourite beauty products.


- Body Shop Shea Body Butter: I use this on my feet every morning and they are so soft!
- Eyelash/brow brush: I use this to brush my eyebrows - weird, but I feel more put together.
- Pur minerals make-up brush: I use this to put my foundation on. It's very luxurious, even if I'm only putting that on for the day.

3.  tell us what your favourite tv shows are to watch.

In no particular order: Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Dragon's Den, Modern Family, Top Chef, House Hunters, and NFL. 

4.  show us two of your favourite pictures.

5.  tell us your favourite things to do during "me time."

I'd like to say knit, read, and workout --- but these days it's more like veg out in front of the TV while surfing the net. I need to get my priorities straightened out!