Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shorter Slacking Intervals

Trying to incorporate exercise into my life has been up and down. I often go through spurts of feeling very motivated, then into valleys of laziness.

I'm starting to realize this is okay. Following EcoGeoFemme's advice on a post of mine a few weeks ago, I'm trying to keep in mind that adding exercise to my life is an on-going process, not something that happens over night, and not something that has to be all-or-nothing. Some weeks are better than others.

One thing I've noticed is that the time interval between my motivated periods (i.e., the length of my lazy periods) seem to be getting shorter. There is only so long I want to be lazy before wanting to exercise again. 

Another thing that I'm doing is modifying my routine to something I can maintain. At the moment, I'm trying to fit in one yoga session and two aerobic exercise sessions (either Gillian's 30-Day Shred or a couch-to-5K walk/run) in per week, and it's going well.

I recently became motivated again because of a blog post written by Sam B over at Fit, Feminist, and (almost) 50 (a blog written by two of professors at my university, and it's really great!), She talks about research that says sitting is pretty much the new smoking, and how getting daily physical activity isn't enough to offset the risks. Seriously - go read it (and the rest of their posts)!

As exercise is slowly becoming a part of my regular life, I have set a goal of running a 5K. Not sure when right now - this will depend on a few factors - but it's on my bucket list!