Saturday, September 15, 2012

Morning Makeover Check In (3)

Monday: missed
Tuesday: 30 minute bike ride
Wednesday: 30 minute bike ride
Friday: missed 
Saturday: 30 minute bike ride

This week was a bit hectic at home and work. I think the first time I took a breath was at 3:15pm on Friday afternoon. Thankfully, I did get in my three workouts, just not when I was supposed too.

I missed Monday's workout because I felt awful the night before with terrible allergies (which I rarely have) and a middle-of-the-night headache. I made up for it on Tuesday morning. Friday I missed because I had Evan in the bed with me after a rather rough night. I made up for this one on Saturday morning.

It works, though! I'm still finding it very easy to motivate myself in the morning...much easier than in the evening. For example, I was going to make up the Monday morning missed workout in the evening, but I couldn't convince myself when the time came --- but Tuesday morning was no problem.

Tuesday and Saturday morning were cool enough that I needed to wear gloves. I'm also getting a bit bored going on a bike ride each time. So, definitely need to find some other options for weather and other reasons.