Saturday, September 8, 2012

Morning Makeover Check-In (2)

Sunday: 30 minute bike ride
Tuesday: 30 minutes of yoga
Thursday: 30 minute bike ride
Saturday: 30 minute bike ride, in the pouring rain

This week was pretty easy, since 3 out of the 4 days I actually didn't have to wake up early. Thursday was the only day I had to set my alarm. I pressed the snooze alarm once, but woke myself up before it went off again and was out the door on time.

I don't know if I'm just more positive in the morning, or I just don't have the energy to talk myself out of things, but I've been surprised how easy it has been to motivate myself. I mean, I even went for a bike ride this morning in the rain. If you know me, that is a huge accomplishment. It would have been a perfect excuse to let it slide, but it was easy to talk myself into it.

The rain this morning is making me think about what I'll do come the time where it's too dark and cold to exercise outside. I'm contemplating buying a spin bike and/or fitness videos. My one big problem is where will I exercise? We only have one TV, which is in the living room where DH and Evan start their morning (there's no way Evan will let me workout if he's up and in the same room). So, doing exercise videos there won't work. There's no way I'm ugly-ing our living room up with exercise equipment (all the toys are bad enough). Our basement is awful...maybe the office?

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!