Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Daycare Transition

Last Friday was the final day at Evan's old daycare, Cantara. After months of the unknown, followed by more months of counting down, the daycare and associated teen pregnancy centre is now closed for good.

It was a bit sad in the last few weeks, with another child leaving every few days. By the end, there were only a handful of kids left and four staff members. It was incredibly tough to say goodbye. Evan was very close with some of the other children and staff, and they will all be missed dearly.

Today is Evan's first full day at his new daycare. He visited every morning last week, and he did progressively better each day. So, hopefully he does okay today and continues to get used to the new routines, kids, staff, toys, and everything else.

We really like the philosophy of the new daycare - it's very much child-led, inquiry-based learning. Each child has their own portfolio which outlines what they're learning and are interested in. There is also a lot of room for parents to get involved, either directly (going into the class) or indirectly (adding stories/photos/etc. to the portfolio, taking part in family events, etc.). 

We hope that it will be a good fit for our family. Though we'll always have a special place in our hearts for Cantara.