Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Long Weekend

The Canada Day long weekend was a great one! We sure had fun, and Evan seemed to explode with firsts and knowledge.

Saturday, we found a small Thomas the Train set for 1/2 price and bought it for Evan. He was so excited, he had to hold it in the store and during the ride home. DH set it up for him, and he would have played with it for hours if he didn't have to eat or sleep. In fact, he didn't want to do either of those things. When DH was putting him down for a nap, Evan wanted his train so badly that he tried climbing out of his crib. Luckily DH caught him dangling from the top. He tried it again a few minutes later. We actually had to drive around with him in the car to get him to unwind, which worked within three minutes.

Because of the events of the morning, we decided to reconfigure Evan's bed to the first toddler stage. At one point, Evan asked where Daddy was and I told him he was upstairs making his new bed. He got so excited, and went upstairs as fast as he could! He jumped around and played on his bed for about 30 minutes before remembering his train. Luckily, that night he went down with no problem as usual, in spite of all the excitement, and had a great night. He now even walks himself to bed and gets in all by himself!

Fig. 1: Evan enjoying the toddler bed.

Sunday we celebrated Canada Day by attending one of the events in the city. Evan played with bubbles, went on a small train ride, and played on the playground. While walking around, we noticed there was a wading pool and decided to just take him over to see. We have not had success with Evan and water, but he's been enjoying outdoor water play more lately, so we took the chance. Well, after about 3 minutes of just watching the other kids, he jumped right in and absolutely loved it! As someone who loves water, this made me very happy :)

Fig. 2: Fun in the wading pool!

He also had his first bit of a hot dog - wasn't a huge fan though, and was more interested in the bun than anything. He also had his first taste of ice cream, and that he did enjoy!

Not only did Evan have a lot of fun this weekend, but it's becoming clear his verbal skills are improving every day! Just this weekend he learned the words rock, plate, kick, swing, pear, peach, and thank you (which is more like tank-ooo) and also noises like "roar", "eek!", and "ahhh" (as in what you'd say after you have a wonderful drink of water). It also continuously amazes us how much he understands.

Such a great long weekend!