Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It's been about a week since I started on my new health plan. I've been doing well with my eating, and I'm working on incorporating exercise. 

Here are some things I've learned so far:

1. After keeping track of my food intake, I totally understand how I gained a few pounds over the past few months. If I stick to my regular meals and snacks, I'm generally okay. But, lately, I've been snacking excessively before and after dinner. That combined with what I was snacking on (usually cheese, crackers, and salami), greatly increased my caloric intake pretty much every day. This is the same with adding a brownie to my lunch or grabbing a bag of chips and a pop for a movie snack. It all adds up quickly. I really have to moderate myself when it comes to such treats.

2. For this to work, it has to be a combo of eating well and exercise. Adding exercise will be harder, though, because it takes time (I was already spending time on eating!). I'm very excited about my kayaking lessons, and hope that it will motivate me to get fit. I also took my bike in for a tune-up, but I won't get it back until the end of this week. Plus, when I exercise, it means I can eat more!

3. Doing light weight exercises for my shoulders, back, and chest has helped already! I do a circuit which takes a whole 5 minutes each morning, and I haven't had nearly as much pain as the past few weeks. 

4. Making substitutions will be key. I have peanut butter on my toast in the morning. Instead of chunky, I bought whipped, which is 30 calories less per tablespoon. Instead of eating canned peaches in juice, I've switched to canned peaches in water, saving 20 calories per serving. It sounds like nothing individually, but the differences adds up. I'm all about finding ways to eat more but take in less calories :)

5. My lifestyle change is rubbing off - DH is also starting to become more conscious of what he's eating.

We bought a new scale that measures BMI, body fat %, etc., so it will be nice to have other numbers besides weight to keep track of. Unfortunately, this scale adds about 5 pounds to what our old scale says.