Monday, March 12, 2012

Daycare Update

You may remember me writing about our daycare, and the associated centre for teen mothers, closing. After the announcement, there was enough of an outcry from the community that the Salvation Army slightly re-thought their stance.

Just last Friday, the Salvation Army announced that the centre and daycare will close on August 31st unless $1.5 million can be raised by May 31st. It seems like an impossible feat, but the centre is going to do its best. They are in talks with Justin Bieber's mother, who actually stayed at the centre while she was pregnant with Justin. But, I don't think we can depend on her for the full $1.5M.

We will be making a donation, but we're unsure how much right now. The fact that The Salvation Army will still be involved puts us off a bit, but it seems like that's the only way the centre will stay open in the near future. Of course, we are also have a vested interest in keeping the daycare open, but we also are strong supporters of the centre for the teenage mothers as there is nothing else like it within a 200 km radius.

You can read more about the centre here. They also have a Facebook group. If this is something that you would like to support, the donation page can be found here. Donations are made in-trust, so refunds will be made if the goal is not reached. If anyone has any ideas on who to contact for help or donations, or if you have any fundraising tips, please let me know.