Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back Tracking

Evan has this weird thing where he'll achieve a milestone and then he won't do it for weeks or even a month or two. He's done this with rolling over, crawling, and more recently with talking and standing without support.

I'm not sure if this is an issue or anything - we haven't really asked Evan's doctor about it. We think it's mostly just a comfort thing. He tries things a few times, but then goes back to what he's comfortable with (this was definitely the case when he was transitioning from army crawling to crawling on all-fours).

Back at the end of November, we were so excited because he waved at us and said "hi" a number of times. He then added to his vocabulary with "no" and using "mama" and "dada" in context more and more. But, then he completely stopped a couple weeks later. Just this past weekend he's started saying real words again, and has added "bye" along with certain sounds for things ("ba" for ball, "key" for kitty, "mo" for more).

Is this weird, or did anyone else have a child that did this?