Monday, December 19, 2011

14 Months

Here's what has happened in the last month in Evan-land:

- Not walking unassisted yet, but getting more and more confident while cruising.

- He said "Hi" for the first time at the end of November. He says Mama and Dada/Daddy more and more (and uses the words in context more and more), and says "No" too. He has a lot of sounds for specific things. He tends to say "ma-moo" for more and "moo-moo" for his soother.

- He can copy our sounds. If he points to me and says "dada", I point to myself and say "mama", and then he'll say "mama". If I point to a tree and say "tree", he says "tee" (though he hasn't used that word on his own yet).

- He is a climber! He can climb up on to all our living room furniture, and likes climbing to the top/back of the couch. He can also get back down from our furniture, and can get down the stairs.

- He definitely has better spatial awareness. If something rolls under the couch, he will get down on his belly to look for it.

- He has pretty good memory - yesterday he threw his soother into the corner, and 20 minutes later he went to that corner to get it.

- Speaking of throwing - boy, does this kid LOVE to throw things. And bang things.

- We're teaching him to be gentle with touching - especially when touching people or animals. He's doing pretty well!

- The daycare had a Christmas concert last week, and Evan was one of the angels. It may have been the cutest frickin' thing I've ever seen.