Monday, November 14, 2011


...it's so nice to come home! I don't go away often these days, but when I do I miss home much more than I used too. I just love the happiness, comfort, and sheer peace I feel when I walk through that door.

When I got home on Saturday afternoon from the STAO conference, Evan was sitting on his big car. He saw me, got so excited he started bouncing up and down and giggling, and threw his arms into the air to reach up for me to pick him up. How could I not love coming home to that?

That night, we took Evan to his first ever Santa Claus parade (a bit early in the year, right? Apparently, they moved the date because people were complaining of the snow and cold in previous years. Um, yeah, that's what Christmas season is like in Canada!). He was enthralled with the floats, cars, and bands. He didn't really get what all the fuss was about when Santa passed by, but I'm guessing he'll figure it out next year.

It's good to be home.