Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Please tell me that this won't last forever. Every time Evan gets sick, I do too. So, I end up missing work or working from home when he's sick and then again when I'm sick three days later.

Evan isn't sick right now*, but he is not feeling well due to at least three teeth coming in. He has, shall we say, loose stools. If he has two in one day at daycare, we have to pick him up. He can't go back until he's had a normal movement (I'm trying my best not to use gross words!).

It's kind of frustrating and there's a part of me that resents having to put my life on hold to have to be at home. There's a part of me that feels guilty for feeling that way, and another part that feels guilty for having to stay home YET AGAIN.

Parents: how did you deal with these feelings of resentment/guilt (if you had/have them)?

WW Photo

Fig. 1: Evan gets his first haircut!

*Scratch that - it seems he has a stomach bug. Fun.