Wednesday, September 28, 2011


When I started my new job in June, our Centre was given an office that I would share with the other new staff member. Though it is an interior office, it is still rather nice. It's on an inside corner, so we have windows on two sides. It's rather large, and can easily fit our two desks and all the outreach supplies.

But, when we moved in, we were told it was only temporary - like most other space allocations at the university. Space is a premium around here. Especially good space.

So, last Friday afternoon we were told that we will be moving (okay, it was more like "get the hell out of that office ASAP!!") to a new office the following Monday. The office is about half the size of our previous office, and is in the basement. Not only are we being downsized, but we're being downgraded.

It kind of sucks, but that's the way it goes at our university (I assume this is a regular occurrence at most universities though). Plus, we're only allowed to stay in this office for six months. So, more than likely, we'll be moving again soon.

The Dean has promised to have a permanent space set up for us before that happens, so hopefully that's the case and we can finally get settled (and put our office number on our brochures, business cards, and website).

What are the issues with space at your place of work?

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