Friday, September 23, 2011

Daycare Policy

Note: This posts contains talk of baby bodily functions. Proceed with caution.

Evan has been cycling through having a cold and having a stomach bug for the past three weeks. With the stomach bug comes vomiting (V) and diarrhea (Big D). I kind of have a phobia when it comes to V in that I refuse to do it at all costs, and I freak out a bit when I see/hear someone doing it. So, dealing with that has not been fun...but I'm actually getting used to it already. The Big D is not as bad to deal with, unless it's of the explosive variety and we have to change his clothes (or clean the carpet :P).

When Evan has the stomach bug, even though he's having the rare V and some Big D, he's generally fine otherwise. He plays, crawls around, talks, and is his usual happy self. Apparently, though, this does not matter when it comes to daycare.

You see, Evan's daycare has a policy of 2x V or Big D in a day and you have to go home. I find this a bit ridiculous, especially for 2x Big D. I could see sending him home if he has V, Big D, and a fever, and just all-round sick. But, to have to go home because of two bouts of only Big D (which has happened at least twice in the past two weeks)? On top of that, he's not allowed to go back to daycare until 24 hours after his last bout of Big D. I've read that it could take weeks for a baby to get over a stomach bug, and will have Big D throughout this time. WEEKS.

It's a bit frustrating to have to stay home because he has a couple bouts of Big D in one day and is otherwise totally fine, especially when I'm sure there will be a lot of other times he will be truly sick and need to be home.

Is this kind of policy normal? Any tips on how to...ummm...."bind" Evan up (he refuses Pedialyte)?