Monday, August 15, 2011

10,000 Ways

I can think of 10,000 ways I'd rather spend 10K.

We have to replace our roof within the next year. We knew this when we bought the house, but a) we thought it would be less expensive than that, and b) it was something that future Alyssa and DH would deal with. Now, unfortunately, it is upon us.

This is one thing that sucks about adulthood and home ownership: having to make mature, responsible decisions when you don't really want too.

When we renovated our kitchen, it was also a good chunk of change. But, we were totally okay with it because it was something we were going to use all the time. I absolutely love our kitchen and don't regret a single cent we paid for it (in fact, I wish we splurged a little more and went for a more exciting back-splash). It makes me smile because the design is just totally us.

I know that, in reality, the roof gets used even more than our kitchen. I mean, it protects the rest of the house 24 hours a day. If we don't replace it, we could be in for a world of hurt and much greater expense down the road. Still, it's annoying to pay so much for something you can barely see (our house is really tall). And, it's not like the powder room where we could do some of the work ourselves to save some cash.

Imagine what else we could do with that money: landscape the backyard, put in a gas fireplace, redo the upstairs bathroom, go on an amazing vacation, buy a boat...the possibilities are endless. But, it's something we have to do.

Sometimes I curse being a mature, responsible adult.