Thursday, July 14, 2011

Powder Room

One thing that was lacking when we moved into our house was a second bathroom. However, we knew there was a spot we could put one:

Fig. 1: Closet off the stairs. That is not our stuff.

A few months ago, DH started on the project. It was a bit slow-going because he also takes care of Evan in the evenings, but he stripped the wallpaper off, put in a new light/fan (including a light switch), installed a GFI outlet, and added duct work to heat the room.

Fig. 2: In the early stages.

We decided to hire a contractor to install the plumbing (since it was a complete installation, not renovation), switch the swing of the door, and lay the tile. We also ordered a custom stained-glass window.

Fig. 3: Tile down, and sink & toilet in.

Four-and-a-half months later, we finally have a wonderful new powder room! We were a bit concerned about it being too small, but the corner sink and toilet really save space and it's actually quite roomy (for a powder room).

Fig. 4: The final product!

Now we need to decide what's next on our renovation list. Gas fireplace? Landscaping the backyard? Finishing the attic? Hmmm...