Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Month on the Job

It has been almost a month since I started my new job, and I love it so far. The teachers, graduate students, staff, and faculty I work with are all so enthusiastic and excited about outreach. There are no nay-sayers (as I've dealt with plenty of times in the past). In fact, it's the opposite, with everyone wanting to do everything, but not having the time or resources!

That being said, it has been increasingly difficult having Evan at home. That is mostly because I've been having more and more meetings as the month goes on, and having Evan attend those meetings is slightly distracting. Thankfully, DH has been able to help out during the day and has taken Evan for an hour or two (or more) pretty much every day for the past two weeks. He is awesome, and I can't thank him enough for making my first month on the job a bit easier.

DH is taking the first week off in July, and Evan starts daycare that week too. So, DH will help Evan with that transition while I'm able to go into the office. Although I'm slightly excited about Evan starting daycare, I'm also nervous about it - will he like the staff? how will he deal with the other babies? will he cry the entire time? will he forget and/or hate me? - but I imagine every parent feels that way.

As I go into my second month on the job, I feel confident and excited. I have meetings scheduled with all sorts of interesting people to brainstorm ideas for new events, activities, and workshops. I am incredibly blessed that I have a wonderful husband, an amazing son, great family and friends, and now a fantastic job career. It feels like I'm finally where I'm supposed to be and doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

Someone pinch me! On second thought --- don't!