Monday, May 16, 2011

The Trip

Evan and I go back from our trip on Saturday. He did amazingly well, and was a little trooper the whole time!

We started out flying from here to Toronto (a quick, 25 minute flight), where he smiled half the time and slept the other half. We then had about 45 minutes to catch our flight to Regina. It started off pretty badly with Evan crying his head off while everyone was boarding. But, he did pretty well once we got going, and only cried a couple of times for a few minutes. He was all smiles once we saw my parents! We're pretty sure he recognized them from our iChats. Then we drove to Yorkton (about 1.5 hours away).

We visited both my grandmothers and my aunt and uncle on my dad's side. It was tough seeing my paternal grandmother, as she is in a nursing home and not doing particularly well. But, it was nice that Evan could put a smile on her face. My other grandmother was really happy to meet him too!

After three days in Saskatchewan, we drove 12 hours to Calgary. I was dreading it, but Evan did awesome. He pretty much slept the whole time, and was happy otherwise. While there, we had visits with my aunt, uncle, and cousin on my mom's side, and a few friends of mine. We went to the zoo, and Evan really enjoyed the big turtles, the fish, and the elephants.

On our flight on the way home, he was the perfect baby - being cute, smiley, and cuddly. I got a few comments on what a good baby he was. One man even said he was the best baby he'd ever seen on a plane. That made me happy, though I know it was basically the luck of the draw and had nothing to do with me!

The visit made me miss Calgary a bit. It was just so nice having family around, being around long-time friends, and not wanting to strangle people when I'm driving. Though, going back always makes me realize what I don't miss about it too (materialistic and ultra-conservative attitudes).

It was a wonderful trip! I'm so happy that my parents got to spend so much time with him, and watching them with him is always a treat.