Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Style Series, Part II: Shoe Shopping

I love shoes and I love to shop for shoes. So, I was very excited for my second appointment with Sue on April 20th.

After checking out my shoe collection during our first appointment, we realized I only had one pair of work-appropriate shoes (black pumps). So, our mission was to get a couple pairs of neutral shoes that could be worn throughout the summer and into the fall.

I met Sue at Town Shoes with little Evan in tow. She had pulled three neutral pumps, two neutral flats, and a pair of more casual (but still appropriate for work) blue cone-heeled shoes. She explained why she chose each one, which of my style words they were associated with, and why some would be more versatile or appropriate than others (the bronze metallic flat shoe can be worn in to the fall and with tights; the round-toe snake-skin shoe had a more youthful feel but the pointy toe pair were more classic; the blue shoe had a wooden heel which matched my style word "grounded").

I tried all of them on (one of Sue's rules, which I was all to happy to oblige). We immediately cut the round-toe snake-skin shoe and the nude pump because they didn't fit or look right. I loved the look of the blue cone-heel, but they were a bit too high for my liking (I have weak ankles after having rolled/twisted them multiple times). I liked the metallic flats, but wasn't quite sure of the fit. I liked the fit of the nude flats, but wasn't quite keen on the color. I immediately fell in love with the pointy-toe snake skin pair. So, we set the last three pairs aside and visited a couple other stores.

Here I found out how Sue shopped: quickly and efficiently. Just the way I like it! No dilly-dallying, no hemming and hawing. Either there was something to try on or not. Perfect! I ended up trying a pair of navy pumps in another store and loving them, and finding a red pair too.

At that point, we took a mental inventory of the shoes we found and decided in what priority they should be purchased. I obviously needed a couple pairs of neutral shoes to get started, so we went back to the first store and I ended up buying the pointy-toe snake skin shoes and the metallic flats (they fit much better with some inserts!).

Fig. 1: The loot!

I was about to pay and leave when Sue came across these:

Fig. 2: strappy cone-heel. Drool.

I was intrigued by the heel, since it was similar to the blue pair I tried on before but lower. So, Sue "convinced" (okay, it didn't take much) me to try them on. Oh. My. God. I loved them! I immediately felt sexy and confident. I think I was actually strutting around the store. Interestingly enough, I probably would have never tried them on if I were shopping by myself. Hey - it's like that's the point of this whole thing! Unfortunately, those shoes weren't a priority, so I left them in the store.

All in all, the appointment took about an hour and I came away with two pairs of neutral but visually interesting shoes and a list of three others to potentially buy later on. I had a ton of fun and went home feeling very satisfied with my purchases and very excited about our clothes shopping trip!

Fig. 3: The happy shoppers ("happy" may be too strong of a word for Evan, but he did pretty well!).

Next up: clothes shopping.