Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Measurements Suck

I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday, and she does this belly measurement. It's supposed to be the same in centimeters as the gestational age - so at 23 weeks, it should be 23 cm. Last time, I was 22 weeks and my belly measured 26 cm. This time, I was 26 weeks, and my belly measured 32 cm!!


It's not like my weight gain is through the roof. I've gained 17 pounds overall, and the typical range at 26 weeks is 16-22 pounds. I know my belly is high and out front, but to be measuring at 32 weeks??

Now she wants me to get tested for gestational diabetes and to get another ultrasound done to see how Baby G is growing.

Is it possible to feel like a failure as a parent when our child isn't even born yet? I mean, now I'm freaking out about every little thing I'm eating, thinking I'm harming Baby G, and totally stressing out about the whole thing. Good times.