Friday, August 27, 2010

A Few Good Links

Maybe it's because I'm feeling rather beaten up over some things that have been going on at work lately, but there have been some amazing blog posts recently about how people really suck about judging others. These posts really made me feel better (mostly because misery loves company), so I wanted to pass them along.

Stephanie, over at Yarn Harlot, discusses the different expectations of mothers and fathers. It all starts with her saying "...someone who asked me, straight out, if it bothers Joe that I go away like I do, leaving him with all the work." and she goes into a wonderful rant from there that I agree with 100%.

Slackermom (one of my new favorite blogs) describes for us what it truly means to be a slacker mom. I think it's something we should all aspire too.

Dr. Girlfriend discusses the importance of graduate students knowing more about possible, even - gasp! - alternative, career paths. When is the ideal of the ivory tower TT job going to come crashing down? When can people choose an "alternate" career path without being seen as a failure? When are we going to stop using the word "alternate" for any career path besides the TT?

If you're feeling judged lately, head over to these blogs and take a read, and let's stop judging every little freakin' thing we do, eh?