Tuesday, May 11, 2010

12 Weeks

I have been absolutely dying to share the news since March 13th --- I am pregnant!!! I am 12 weeks along today!!!

After the miscarriage in December, DH and I were hesitant about sharing the news that we were pregnant again when we found out just a few days before my birthday. So, we've been keeping it under wraps as best we can. Of course, our parents and some close family and friends know, as well as some others that were on a need-to-know basis (like my supervisor, for instance, since I was having to work from home quite a bit in the first weeks).

We had an ultrasound done rather early - at about eight weeks - to make sure everything was going well. We saw the little blob that will be our child, and saw the heart beat too! We will have another done at about 18 weeks, where we'll find out the gender if Baby G cooperates.

My symptoms have been much stronger than last time as well. I was extremely nauseous up until about 9 weeks, and more tired than I have ever been in my life! Sometimes I could barely get to 8pm without zonking right out, and even feel asleep at my desk a couple times. Food aversions have been the strangest to deal with, as they seem to change on a daily basis. Even though these symptoms aren't particularly pleasant, they are comforting because I know the baby is doing just fine.

I am feeling much better these days, and my belly is starting to get round(er). I'm quite happy about it though, and feel like I want to show it off to the world!!

The due date is November 23rd!! Perhaps I'll do polls - one for the baby's gender and the other for the baby's actual arrival date - so stay tuned!