Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I finally heard back about the funding proposal for the outreach job I was hoping to get. It was turned down (perhaps not surprisingly, given the title of this post). Apparently, there was only a 25% success rate. I guess a lot of people are getting on board the outreach & education train.

I'm disappointed, of course. It would have been a great job, since it would have been part-time (fitting perfectly with my part-time research position that I'm starting in February), and right up my alley outreach-wise. However, I'm still hopeful that this position will come available in the future, since other funding applications have been submitted for the program.

I'm also glad that I'll be able to work part-time for a while, and not be flung into full-time work right off the bat. I think the learning curve will be quite high with my new research area, so it will be nice to focus on that for a while. My new supervisor is also interested in outreach, so I may be able to fill some niche that way.

It will also give me time to seek out funding for my own outreach program for the observatory. In fact, I have set up a meeting for the end of this week with some of the professors in physics & astronomy to discuss the possibilities of that program.

All in all, I'm disappointed, but I know there will be other opportunities - either with the same program, creating my own, or within my new research group. So, I haven't yet reached my 2010 resolution of having a full-time job in education & outreach, but I am (albeit slowly) making progress.