Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Resolution Summary

At the beginning of last year I decided to make a list of 10 resolutions/goals for the year. That way, if I only did 7 of them, it's a 70% success rate! Plus, I made them of different degrees of difficulty: some were for-sure things (going on a trip), while others will be years in the making (be better at confrontations). Here is the list, and how I have done:

1. Find a hobby
I took up knitting! So far I have finished a scarf and a toque. I've also been working on a baby blanket, but it's taking me forever. I hope to finish it up in the next month or so though. I'm also working on a scarf to match my toque. I find this to be a satisfying hobby, since it takes a decent amount of time, but I get something cool at the end that I can actually use.

I also decided that reading (see #3) is also a hobby. I will keep both of these up in 2010.

2. Be more active
This never goes as well as I hope. I tend to be active in waves: sometimes I'm doing a ton of stuff, other times I'm sitting on my ass watching way too much TV. This year, I plan on making more specific resolutions regarding this, in hopes that it will help.

3. Keep reading (1 book/month)
I kicked this resolution's ass! I ended up meeting and surpassing this goal, and read 17 books this year. I also joined a book club with three other ladies. Stay tuned for a summary of the books I read in 2009. This year, I'll be upping the ante.

4. Better at confrontations
This is one of those goals that is hard to measure. I know I have gotten better in the sense that I don't feel as guilty if I get into an argument or confrontation with someone. However, I still avoid these situations way more than I should (and then get pissed off later). A work in progress for sure.

5. Research career options
I have definitely done well on this one. Early on in the year I decided that my career path will be education and outreach. Since finishing my PhD, I have been researching these options a bit more and have made many contacts the past few months at the university. Hopefully something will pan out from all of it.

6. Journal more
I wasn't doing well at the beginning of the year, but I wrote in my journal almost every day on our trip to South America. Since then I've been writing more - perhaps once a week or so. It's tough because I tend to use this blog as a journal, but it would be nice to write more often.

7. Try not to take things so personally
Like #4, this is a work in progress. I don't think I did as well with this as I did with the confrontations one. I tend to take things personally even when I know they weren't meant that way. This also plays in to #8 - the worse I feel about myself, the more I take things personally.

8. Confidence and self-esteem
Another hard-to-measure goal, but it's coming along. I would really like to stop hating my body so much (especially after the recent miscarriage), but I have a feeling that #2 up there has a lot to do with that.

9. Finish and defend my PhD
Done and done! Thank God that's over!

10. Travel to Chicago.
Well, I didn't do this, but we ended up going to South America, so I figure that counts!

So, that's six that I definitely did well on. Since three are more long-term goals, I figure that's pretty good. That whole "getting active" thing is really screwing up my record! Stay tuned for a list of my 2010 resolutions.