Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Out of the Woodwork

We knew that our decision to stay here in London would get some remarks. For the past 2-3 years we've been saying we want to get out of here, that we don't like it here, etc, etc., so it's completely understandable that people would be surprised.

Once we explain why we made the decision though, many of our friends have said that they're happy for us (as long as we're happy) and that they're glad we're staying in town. In fact, I actually expected a lot more negative comments than we have received.

Of course, there have been the negative-ninnies, and I should have bet money on who they were going to be, because I would have made a pretty penny. These are the people that are not only surprised about our decision, and voice their opinions as such, but they then continue to ask rude questions or try to "rub it in" that we have (gasp!) changed our minds (even though we repeatedly admit that we are eating our words). These comments wouldn't normally bother us, but it's when they're made after we explain our decision and admit that one can never say never that it becomes annoying. We know we called it wrong - let's all get over it and move on.

The great thing about this is seeing who is supportive and happy for us, regardless of what we said before or how we came to our decision. We consider these people our true friends, and we greatly appreciate them and love them dearly! We're also (shock!) looking forward to putting down our roots here, and we are already finding ways to improve our lives - like having dinner with friends more often, and starting a book club with a few other girls (yay!).