Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some News!

As many of you know, DH has been looking for a job for a number of months now. He had one offer (which he turned down), and interviewed with another company (and hasn't heard a decision from them).

Throughout all of this, there was a standing offer for him to stay here. Earlier this week, we decided that we would like to pursue that option.

You might be asking yourself, "But, I thought you hated where you live? Haven't you been planning on leaving for years now?"

You'd be correct. Our plan all along was to move as soon as we could after I finished my PhD. However - as with many things in life - things change. One big reason is that DH really likes his job and the people he works with. The new position gives him the opportunity to keep working with the same people, but he will also become a more well-rounded scientist.

Another reason is that we really like living in Canada, and were always a bit wary of having to move abroad. I have a better chance of finding a job here (i.e., without having to deal with getting a visa, etc.), we are generally happy with how the governments act, and we didn't want to contribute to the brain-drain issue.

So, he has taken the position here and will start as of October 1st. To celebrate, we bought him his very first car this week!

We are actually very excited about all of this! We now get to start doing many of the things we've been waiting to do for 2-3 years: DH gets a car, we'll start looking for a house, we can buy real (non-student) furniture, I'll start looking for a permanent job, etc. etc.. We plan on putting in more effort to increase our social life here so we don't feel so isolated, and hope that we can really make a great life here!