Monday, July 6, 2009

Two Weeks

I've been talking about my thesis and defense a lot over the past couple of months, and frankly even I'm getting sick of it. But, since it's in the front of my mind practically 24/7, it's just something we'll all have to deal with for another couple of weeks!

Two weeks from right now I'll probably be puking, curled up in a ball in a corner, crying, repeating "I don't wanna!!" to DH....or most likely all of the above. It's funny though, because right now I'm actually more excited about it than nervous. Let me clarify: excited to be done. Although, I am kind of excited for the talk, because that's something I enjoy doing.

My studying is going alright - slowly, but definitely in the right direction. I made a list of concepts I needed to brush up on, and now I'm just going through that list and making notes. My supervisor also gave me a list of questions, and I will go through those as well.

My goal this week (i.e., before next Monday) is to have all my notes written up for those questions (both mine and supervisors) and to have all my slides done for my talk. That way, I can just spend next week reviewing the notes and practicing my talk 2-3 times.

The parental unit arrives on Saturday night before the defense (late - I'm not sure if I'll even see them that night). So, on the Sunday I hope to just relax with them - hang out, eat, talk, etc.. They leave Wednesday morning, so I won't even think about doing my corrections until then.

It'll be good to see them - this is the second time my dad has visited me, third for my mom (she came on her own one time). My brother is contemplating coming as well, so that would be awesome since he's never been here.

Anyway, back at it I suppose.