Monday, May 25, 2009

The Count Down is On

One week from today, my thesis committee form is due.

Two weeks from today, my thesis is due.

Eight weeks from today, I'll be defending.

Eight weeks and 6 hours from right now, I'll either be crying into a beer or...probably crying into a beer...either because I failed or because I'll just be thankful that this whole horrid experience is over. Have I mentioned that the last four years have been the worst of my life (work-wise)?

I got some good work done on my intro chapter over the past few days. I hope to get it back to my supervisor by our meeting on Wednesday.

He also gave me back a second round of comments on chapter 2 (on project #3 - the crappy one). I'm starting to think he doesn't read anything very carefully. Either he suggests adding something that was actually written two sentences before, or he wants things changed back to the way they were in the original draft. It's quite annoying, because I don't want to waste my time going back and forth on things like this.

I know he's just trying to make the thesis better, and some of his comments/suggestions are really helpful. But, it's frustrating when he's not reading things carefully. The more drafts he sees, the more he wants to change - even if he's okay with things from the first 2 drafts, he tends to change new things that were there since the beginning. We just don't have the time to go through 7 drafts - and it's a thesis, not a paper. I think I will have to draw the line at a certain number of drafts he sees (2), and make executive decisions on the corrections.

This whole process has also made me think about how archaic the academic world is - I think a lot of things are done just because everyone that came before had to go through it. In what other profession does someone work on one project for a minimum of 4 years for shit money (if any money at all), write a report which includes an overview of the whole entire subject area that encompasses the project, and then have to stand in front of a committee for hours answering their questions?