Monday, April 6, 2009


My motivation to work on project #3 has ground to a complete halt. I did really well last week, but perhaps I burnt myself out or something. I've been looking at my data today for a minute or two before checking my email, eating lunch, or reading blogs.

I think the problem is that the data sucks. I know the results aren't going to be great, so it pains me to spend so much time working on it. Alas, it has to be done though, and I just need to force myself to get it done.

In other news, I'm heading into my third week of the exercise study. It's been good to be exercising regularly again, although it's been tough sometimes to get to the gym. I'm motivated by the fact that a PhD student is relying on me for data, but little else right now.

The first session of each week I have to listen to a 5-minute recording. The first week they talked about the general health benefits, whereas last week they focused solely on how exercise reduces stress. It will be interesting to see what the other subjects will be over the next six weeks.

The first two weeks I had to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes with my heart rate above 133 bpm. This week and next, that gets bumped up to 139 bpm, and will be 150 bpm for the remainder of the study. It's tough to initially get my heart rate up to 133, but once I'm there I can maintain it fairly easily, and usually workout in the 140-150 bpm range. However, I'm worried about the last four weeks of the study - how am I going to maintain a heartrate of >150 bpm? I'm going to have to sprint the whole time or something!

Anyway, it's been interesting to be a part of the study. I feel better physically, which is always a nice bonus. I look forward to seeing the results (both mine and of the study)!