Saturday, January 10, 2009

Now that I think about it...

...maybe the reviewer had a point :P I read the paper again a couple days ago and it was pretty clunky. Some sentences were just too long, and a lot of informal language was used. I've spent the last two days, along with DH (who has been an enormous help!), reading and editing it. I think it's a lot better now, but that's for the reviewer to decide!

One issue is that my supervisor and I have very different writing styles and, when put together, don't flow well. For the next paper, I need to make sure that he doesn't change the style of the paper, and only makes comments or suggestions on the content. That way, we won't run into this problem.

Also, since one of my career options is technical writing, I want the papers I publish to be "mine". It wouldn't be good if I went into an interview and either 1) had papers that weren't written well, or 2) had papers that were basically written by someone else. I have a hard time standing up to my supervisor, but I need to do it in this case for the sake of my (possible) future.

I plan on resubmitting the paper next week, and I'll be sure to include a "thank you" to the reviewer for his harsh, but useful, criticisms.