Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day of LaTeX

So, I've used LaTeX for years, and I've used it for my MSc thesis and the papers I've written. I went to upload my newly accepted paper to Astro-ph, but it kept being "rejected".

The first time I tried to upload it, I used just the PDF version. It was rejected (even though they accept PDFs) because it looked like it was generated by LaTeX.

Fine - so I put all my LaTeX files in a zipped file and uploaded that - it didn't work either. That was my fault though, because I had left out a style file. I tried it again (making sure it all worked before uploading) and it was still rejected.

I emailed them, and they told me my bibliography wasn't done using Bibtex, so I had to do that in order to upload.

I spent the whole entire afternoon trying to figure out how to use it. It was such a frustrating experience!! I finally got it to work at the very end of the day, and now I feel bad for leaving it undone.

Maybe I'll work on it tonight.

Or maybe I'll have another glass of wine.