Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Like Pulling Teeth

Literally! I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday, and I look and feel like a bull dog:

The pain hasn't been too bad, and I even managed to bake some cookies and go to a Christmas party last night. But, today, the pain and stiffness have increased and I can barely open my mouth far enough to get a spoon of mango smoothie in there. The stitches are also jabbing into my gums and cheeks - excellent early Christmas gift! The worst thing is not being able to eat solids. I was joking with DH yesterday about getting some baby food, but now I'm wondering if that's not such a bad idea! We leave on Thursday for "The West", so hopefully the pain and swelling will be mostly gone.

Work-wise, things are going well! I've had numerous chats with my supervisor to make sure my analysis for my second project is on the right track. I'm hoping that I'll have the analysis done before my intended deadline (end of January), but we'll see how it goes.

I'm starting to flip-flop on the stay-at-home thing too - I've realized lately that there are aspects of my job that I really enjoy, and if I could find a job that focuses more on those areas then I could see myself wanting to work. Plus, and this may sound petty, but I like telling people what I do because most people are very interested in astronomy and they find what I do fascinating (even if I don't all the time).

I think what I do will be really dependent on where we end up moving in just over a year. I hope that we can move somewhere so that I'll at least have options, even if I choose not to work in the end.