Thursday, January 15, 2015


Maybe not surprisingly, there are a lot of assignments at teacher's college. Many of them are relevant and practical (such as making lesson plans, unit guides, or rubrics), but the ones I really like are when we get to use new technologies or methods I've never seen.

For example, in our Math class we've had two full classes of student presentations about "cool math" - either math tricks, or neat math websites, online tools, or aps. A similar assignment in our computers class get groups of students to present cool, new-to-us teaching/education technologies.

That being said, one of the assignments I'm really looking forward to this semester is to create an education/teaching blog!

Needless to say, this is right up my alley since I've been writing on this blog since 2008 (6 years? really?!). I've also been thinking of creating a blog just for my teaching journey, and this gives me the perfect reason and opportunity to do just that.

I've started creating and, in all honesty, am probably spending way too much time on it, but I'm excited about it! Not only will I write about my journey as a new math and science teacher, I'll also blog about cool tools, aps, lesson, methods, etc. I come across in hope that it will be a resource for other teachers (both new and experienced).

Once it's up and running and I have some content, I'll share it and link to it from this blog. Stay tuned!