Friday, November 7, 2014

A Leap Month

Since Carter turned 1 year, he's made quite a few "leaps"...just like The Wonder Weeks book predicted.

He's learned so many new things:
- He figured out how to go down the stairs by himself
- He waves goodbye
- He can understand and carry out simple commands ("Can you get me that duck?")
- He LOVES books and will place them in our hands over and over until we read them.
- He can use a spoon to feed himself.
- He has said words like "Daddy, Mommy, and Soo-soo (what we call soothers)" in the proper context (but he hasn't done this consistently enough for us to call one his "first word". That's the problem with having scientists as parents -- we require far more data points than N=1).
- He is walking very easily with something to push (walking toy, chair, box, laundry hamper, anything).
- He has taken steps independently (but, we're not claiming "walking" yet).

The first month of his second year has been a big one for him. Now if he'd only let his brain rest enough to sleep well at night! It's a good thing he's cute --- evolution sure is smart that way.

This has nothing to do with this post, really, but it's just too cute to not share.