Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of JK

Today is Evan's first day of junior kindergarten! In Ontario, kids start full-day kindergarten in the year they turn 4! Seems young, but at least the cost is much lower than daycare :D

He had been acting fairly nonchalant about the whole thing - unlike me, who has been crying randomly the last couple of week thinking my baby is GROWING UP way to fast!

The last few days though, he's been getting excited about it! He was practically giddy this morning as we put his backpack together and got ready to head to school for the first time.

Both DH and I took him to school and when we got there, he didn't want to hold my hand through the parking lot because he's a BIG BOY!! (and then proceeded to bail right in front of the principal!)

We brought him into the classroom (where he'll be before/after school too - bonus!). He was a bit shy at first, holding on my leg and giving DH big hugs.

But, then he found his cubby, put his backpack in there, and then promptly found a huge bag of dinosaurs. He took them to the play area, started talking to the other boy who was there, and went to town. After that, we were pretty much invisible to him.

When we said our goodbyes, we could barely get him to stop playing for 2 seconds! This was the only picture DH could get of me and him because he was so busy!

I drove by the school on my way to MY school* and he was in a line with about 30 other tiny kids with their huge backpacks heading inside. He looked happy as a clam.

I'm so proud of my big boy!!

*I will blog about this in the next few days I hope - things are CRAZY right now!