Monday, June 9, 2014

8 Months

- Growing: I put all the 6-month clothes away (a bit late, and a bit sad too!). He decided to skip right into 12-18 month clothes. He looks so much older in two-piece PJs instead of sleepers.

- Moving: his primary mode of transportation is still bum-scooting, but he also rolls and pushes himself  around to get places (either while on his bum or stomach), but still no forward crawling. He does NOT want to learn how to crawl. He would rather stand that sit or lay down. In fact, he whines and snivels if he's sitting or is on his tummy for too long, and "asks" us for our hands so he can pull himself up to stand.  At 7 months, he started pulling himself up to stand on us, and last week he started using other things to pull up on (crib, chairs, etc). Once he's up, he'll make his way over to a table (or something) and stand there. About a week after he turned 7 months, he stood with no support for about 5 seconds, and has done that a handful of times since.

- Sleep: this has improved lately for the most part! On a good night, he goes down between 8-9pm, makes noises a couple times at night, but we put a soother in his mouth and then he generally goes back sleep. He wakes up for good at about 7am.

- Eating: he's still having 5-6 6oz bottles a day, and solids at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 1-2 snacks. This kid can eat. I'm seeing my future with 2 teenage boys! I feel like my whole day revolves around feeding them.

- Communication: the variety of sounds he makes has exploded! He babbles and uses intonation like he's talking in full sentences...too bad no one can understand him though! He likes to use "Da" "Gah" "Ah" "Yah" "Ge" "De", and strings them together in "sentences". He gets SO excited when one of the cats comes by that he starts bouncing up and down, waving his arms, and saying 'GE GE GE GE!!!!!". He also loves to blow "raspberries".

- Interests: he's showing distinct likes and dislikes. He loves Thomas the Train, pulling things out of containers or off shelves, pulling up to stand, and being destructive. He has definite favourite books (Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Canada 123).  He hates broccoli, being on his stomach, not being able to see someone, and waiting too long for food.

- Just last week, he enjoyed the bath for the first time! He loved splashing around and playing with the bath toys, and the suction-cup flowers that we stick to the bottom of the tub.

- He used the pincher grasp for the first time last week.

- He has started to either sign "more" or clap - can't tell which, but either way, it was cute :)

- Brothers: They are playing more and more, and the more Evan includes Carter in his play, the more Carter loves and adores Evan. I can already see how their relationship is going to evolve - they both love to make the other one laugh.