Friday, May 23, 2014


Some fun things Evan has said recently :)

Evan was riding on the back of the stroller, and I warned him that we might fall when we go over a bump. A little while later we go over a big bump, but stay upright.
“Mom! We went over a bump and didn’t fall! We didn’t even die!”

DH and Evan were working in the backyard
DH: I need to take a break now.
E: Me too! I need a long break because I’ve been working really hard!

He calls Doritos  "Toronto’s"

Evan is tickling and making me laugh. With a very serious face he says “Shh..mom…it’s okay…this isn’t funny. Stop laughing.”

I go outside to see Evan looking out at the backyard.
Me: What’s going on Evan?
Evan: Shh…I’m thinking.
Me: About what?
Evan is silent for a while. Then “I’m trying to figure out how to chop up that ice”. He then proceeds to throw the shovel at the ice and laughs.

Evan crawls over me to pick a book and says, “Mommy, you’re squishy like a marshmallow”

While choosing bedtime books, Evan picks my Kindle, so I start reading the book I’m reading. He takes it, asks if he can try, then repeats the lasts sentence I read, then says “That’s so silly!!!”

After rough-housing with Daddy. Evan throws a pillow at Daddy and he doesn’t catch it. With a taunting tone, he says “You gotta be faster than that, SON!”

Every night I ask him what he’s going to dream about and tonight he said “fish poop”

E: I don’t like our toilet. We need a new one.
Me: Why don’t you like it?
E: I don’t know.
Me: What would you change?
E: The colour!
Me: What colour should it be?

E: Red! We NEED a red toilet!

When he's search for a word, he literally "hmms" and "huhs" and then says "Mommy, I lost the word. What is it?", and then I have to ask him questions until he finds a different way to explain what he's talking about.

He likes to pretend to be cats and we "meow" to each other instead of using words. It's amazing how much we ca communicate this way.

When we play I Spy, and he guess the right object, he says "NAILED IT!!"

This kid cracks me up on a daily basis - so much fun with words and language these days! Love it!