Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Good Start

As of this week, Evan is now home with me (and Carter) two days a week. Mostly for two reasons: 1) this was supposed to happen soon after Carter was born so I could spend time with both of them, but he could still socialize with other kids before starting school, and 2) it saves us money!

To be honest, I was nervous to have both kids at home after so long of it just being me and Carter. Tuesday was our first day together, and it went pretty well. There were a couple instances where they both wanted/needed my attention at the same time, or when Evan had a meltdown about not wanting to help me, or Carter kept waking up during his nap and interrupting Evan's construction-site playtime.

But, there were also good times like when we went to the playground in the morning and for a bike ride in the afternoon. I also got some quiet time when Carter had a nap and Evan watched his favourite show before his nap (too bad they didn't both nap at the same time though!).

What matters is that we got through it, and it went relatively well! I also got a glimpse of what raising brothers will be like - seeing Evan involve Carter in his play, and then taking away a toy that he gave me. Carter is enthralled with his big brother and will try to do anything Evan does. I'm so excited to see their relationship evolve.

Photo Credit: my friend Amy